Ohio Employers are Leaders in Wage Theft

According to a report released by the non-partisan Economic Policy Institute, Ohio ranked second among large states for the share of workers whose employers failed to pay them minimum wage.  In Ohio, 5.5 percent of workers experienced this type of “wage theft.”  In the 10 most populous states that were the subject of the report, employers failed to pay the minimum wage to an average of 4.1 percent of workers.  Florida ranked first with 7.3 percent and New York came in third at 5 percent.

According to the report, many of the minimum-wage violations occur in the restaurant and hospitality industries.   25 percent of workers in the “food and drink service” industry reported that employers paid them less than the minimum wage. Ten percent of those in the leisure and hospitality industries also reported wage theft.  In short – wage theft is a serious issue and the employment lawyers at the Herron Law Firm are committed to aggressively pursuing wage theft claims.

Employers hate the phrase “wage theft.”  Consider the definition of “theft” under the Ohio criminal code.  Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 2913.02(A), “theft” includes not only the deprivation of property but also of “services.”  “Services” is specifically defined by R.C. 2913.01(E) to include “labor.”  Finally, R.C. 2913.01(C)(3) defines “deprive” to include the failure to provide proper “consideration” (compensation) for services.  So yes – wage theft is a crime.  If you believe that you have been a victim of “wage theft” the employment lawyers at the Herron Law Firm have the experience to get you the wages you have earned.

Ohio attorney Mark Herron has been practicing law in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio for over 20 years. Mark opened his law firm in Cleveland in 1993 and since then has concentrated his practice in a variety of areas, including employment law, bankruptcy law, domestic relations law, personal injury, insurance law, business law and litigation.

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